Industrial Cleaning Chemicals for Various Commercial Applications

At Canadian Car Wash & Compressor Systems Inc., we believe what goes into your car wash system is just as important as the performance that comes out. That’s why we carry only the best industrial cleaning chemicals. Quality products ensure a superior wash every time!

AccuChem Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
Canadian Car Wash & Compressor Systems Inc. is in partnership with AccuChem Industrial Cleaning Chemicals. Based in Edmonton, AccuChem is a 100% Canadian owned and operated manufacturer of specialty cleaning chemicals for a wide range of commercial applications. These applications range from cleaners for the car wash industry and transportation companies to the oilfield servicing industry and general manufacturing. AccuChem also carries water treatment products and programs for the heating and cooling needs of both large and small buildings. You can contact AccuChem's head office at 780-446-2101 or visit AccuChem’s website.

AccuChem’s product line-up consists of:

  • Car wash and wash bay chemicals
  • Oilfield cleaners and degreasers
  • Oilfield H2S and LEL scavengers
  • Acidic cleaners and de-scalers
  • Boiler water and/or waste water treatment chemicals

For more information on AccuChem products, programs, and services, contact Canadian Car Wash & Compressor Systems Inc. in Grande Prairie or Edmonton for details.