Find the Air Compressors You Need for the Job

Canadian Car Wash & Compressor Systems Inc. covers all the bases when it comes to compressed air equipment. We are a proud supplier of Ingersoll-Rand industrial air compressors and compressed air accessories in Grande Prairie and Edmonton. We have models ranging from reciprocating horizontal or vertical to variable speed rotary screw and portable compressors.

Reciprocating Compressors
We carry Ingersoll-Rand’s Type 30™ reciprocating air compressors. These air compressors provide maximum operating pressure, increasing air flow and extending duty cycles. It’s a much more dependable air supply designed for the professional to meet almost any application. From the small shop owner to the most demanding heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications, there is a Type-30™ package that fits your needs.

Discover more about Ingersoll-Rand’s Type 30™ reciprocating air compressor and read up on its specifications.

Rotary Screw – UP-Series 5HP - 15HP
When it comes to profitability, look no further than Ingersoll-Rand’s UP-Series for rotary screw compressors. Canadian Car Wash & Compressor Systems Inc.’s rotary screw air solutions help you achieve high productivity at an affordable price.

Read more about how the UP-Series can help you.
Rotary Screw (Variable Speed) Nirvana 7.5HP - 40HP
Find Ingersoll-Rand’s Nirvana rotary screw compressor series at Canadian Car Wash & Compressor Systems Inc. The Nirvana series incorporates state-of-the-art IntelliDrive technology and smart package integration to provide ideal productivity and quality.

View our Nirvana brochure to get more details.